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Unicorn decorations for bedroom and living room

Discover our unicorn decorations for your home !

Discover the best unicorn decorations on our online store specialized in the mythical one-horned creature merchandise and stuff. Decorate your home with magical decoration, whether for your room with unicorn beddingpillowblanketlamp, or your living roomkitchen or bathroom with shower curtains. A mythical and legendary animal with a pure heart and soul, it has a large horn spiral on the middle of its forehead.

unicorn bedding eyes corn

Unicorn bedding covers for a magical night

The unicorn bedding has several names, such as bedclothes or bed linen. Made of a magical material that is placed over the mattress of a bed to keep you warm and spend a comfortable night. The symbol of grace bedding was designed as a decorative effect, but which also protects your mattress or bed while giving warmth and better hygiene during your nights of sleep. The sparkling unicorn girly bedding can be changed entirely by another one to allow you to wash it in your washing machine, for a better human sleeping environment. The unicorn bed cover set should be washed in your washing machine in rotation, or you may need to change them according to the seasons to improve your own sleeping comfort to spend magical nights at varying ambient room temperatures. Generally, our online store offers pink & bright colours bedding covers in standard and rectangular sizes. However, it is possible to order one that is square, which will allow you to orient your horned animal bedding in the direction you want, without having to worry about the lengthwise orientation (220 cm × 220 cm (87 in × 87 in) duvet). Several fabrics are available such as printed plain weaveflannel cottonsatin weave, or our grandchildren’s favourite, which is cotton/polyester blends for optimal comfort for a restful night’s sleep. Sizes available: US Twin, US King, US Queen, US Full, UK Double, UK Single, UK King, AU Single, AU Double, AU Queen.

Unicorn blanket rainbow

Our best unicorn blanket for a warm evening

The unicorn blanket is a piece of fabric that is soft and will allow you to cover yourself or wrap yourself warm inside it (convection). Wrapping a large part of the user’s body with magic, you will spend pleasant evenings warm and soft. When a person falls asleep or rests, it is ideal for putting a fabled horse blanket over it to retain body heat so that it is not lost. Manufactured to keep the user warm, you can also use it as a comfort object to keep you warm, whether you are getting out of the shower or having a magical evening. Our online store offers a wide range of colourful unicorn blankets like purple colour which are a large rectangular piece of cloth. Go to your room and use the blanket over a bed sheet to protect and keep your child warm and sleep peacefully. Sometimes crocheted or knitted to add a touch of enchantment, or made up of two layers of fabric sewn together, which have been stuffed by a mythical horned creature to make it soft and warm. Some of our unicorn blankets are made with feathers or hollow fibres. You can find other names to call this unicorn theme, such as quilts, comforters or comforters, their names depend on their construction and the style of stuffing / thickness. Great for sleeping and keeping someone warm, you’ll love our one-horned animal blanket !

unicorn pillow believe in magic inside you

A soft unicorn pillow to rest

Our unicorn pillow serves as a support for the body at rest to improve your room decoration or your comfort. Our unicorn pillows are used by many species, not only the fairy white horse-like animal or humans only. Our online store offers you a wide range of cushions such as throw pillows, decorative pillows or pillows to relax your body. Known as bedding to support your head and neck, our unicorn pillows will help you sleep comfortably. Use them in a sitting or lying position, the pillow will support your body in any position. Our online store also has a range of fabled beast pillows that take into account the shape of the human body to give you a great night’s sleep in increased comfort and thus spend a long night of peaceful sleep. Often placed on couches, a chair or as a decorative object, this type of pillow is called unicorn cushion.

Top 10 Unicorn Decorations For The Room

Top 10 Unicorn Decorations For The Room

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